Studied Impact's principal team, Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry, are also the co-founders of the Land Art Generator Initiative. LAGI's 2012 design competition for Freshkills Park in NYC has been documented in Regenerative Infrastructures.

"An in-depth exploration of one of the most exciting urban design competitions in recent years—the Land Art Generator Initiative for Freshkills Park on New York's Staten Island. Formerly a symbol of immense urban waste, the Fresh Kills Landfill is being transformed into an enormous parkland that is destined to exemplify the values of ecological restoration and environmental sustainability. Part of that transformation includes a competition for a site-specific public artwork designed to operate as a source of clean energy for the city utility grid.

This volume features many of the top submissions to the Land Art Generator Initiative, which aims to create sustainable design solutions that integrate art and technology into renewable energy infrastructure around the world. The book draws a much-needed connection between the two critical issues of sustainable development--energy generation and waste management--highlighting solutions that address both problems at once, thereby creating economically beneficial hybrid utility installations."

Regenerative Infrastructures can be purchased through bookstores around the world, or at Amazon.